Manifest Your Dreams

I believe by becoming acquainted with one’s true passion and designing your own personal Vision Board you have the ability to manifest your dreams. A Vision Board is a visual manifestation of your most significant hopes and dreams. It’s a reminder for you of what you desire in life.

A couple of artistic hours spent in a creative, fun, and calming environment. This is a joyful experience, choosing colorful pictures and images, gluing them to your own personal board. Take hold of your life. Create a vision board and your dreams won’t be forgotten again!

Supplies: Canvas-24×20, Tacky glue, magazines, photo of yourself, photo’s, printed images of nature locations.

Step One: Go to a craft or art store. I recommend you purchase a canvas  and glue.
Step Two: Glue a color photo of yourself in the center of the canvas.
Step Three: Look online or through magazines and newspapers for pictures or words that express goals, desires, and aspirations you have for yourself. Print or cut them out and glue them on your board. You can also add personal photos that represent important aspects of your life. Decorate the board with paint or markers if you wish. Fill the whole canvas.
Step Four: Place the board in your bedroom opposite a mirror to enhance energy.
Step Five: When you begin to notice some positive changes, move the board to your main living space.
Step Six: Once half of your vision board plans have come to fruition, remove the board and hide it away. The universe will bring your choices to you without the board being seen.



  • A celebration of the real you.
  • This is a self-affirming process.
  • It’s a constant reminder of your deepest aspirations.
  • By prominently displaying your board you will increase your chances of achieving your goals.
  • Making a reflection of your dreams you will attract the ideal job, romantic partner, perfect home…
  • It’s in the direction of positive perspectives.
  • Helps you connect to your spiritual depth.
  • Becomes part of your healing journey.